Rich Leonard

Naomi has years of experience working in Washington DC and NH-CD1 which will allow her to act fast and be effective. Progressive values are Naomi’s values and she articulates effectively how she will work hard for all of New Hampshire - New Durham, NH 03855.


Paul Cully

When I learned that Carol Shea-Porter was not going to run for another term as NH01’s Representative in Congress, I was saddened because I was proud and happy to say she was my Rep. Then I saw the announcement that her Chief of Staff, Naomi Andrews, had announced her intention to run for the seat Carol held. My sadness quickly turned to gladness as I learned more about Naomi and first met her when she filed her paperwork at the State House in Concord. I could hardly believe NH01’s good fortune! We could continue the excellent work that Carol Shea-Porter and Naomi Andrews had been doing for us in Congress by returning Naomi to DC as our Representative. From then on, I was ALL IN! NH needs Naomi – vote for her in the Primary on September 11th and again in the General election on November 6th! - Dover, NH 03820

Anna London

Naomi is a lifelong NH resident. A true progressive, with the experience to work for change. I trust her to vote for all the people and stand up to those, currently in power, who would abridge our rights - Stratham, NH 03885.

Hope Fridy

Naomi already has years of experience in Congress while working side by side there with Carol Shea-Porter. Naomi is ready to hit the ground running to work on the issues that are most important to NH residents of all ages - Barrington, NH 03825.

Bethany Rice

Naomi Andrews truly knows and cares about the people of NH and the issues they face. She has the knowledge, the energy, and the passion to represent us in Congress. NH needs Naomi fighting for us in Washington - Newmarket, NH 03857.

John Haberle

I’m for Naomi because of the kind of person she is. She has heart, she has boundless energy, she is unpretentious and genuine. She treats everyone with respect. Naomi’s from a working family. She knows what it’s like to struggle for the American Dream - Exeter, NH 03833.

Ronald Lawler

Now, more than ever, we need someone in Washington who can work with everyone to make sure our country and state get the laws and the leaders that we need to meet all that the future holds. Naomi is the only candidate who has a proven record of getting things done in the House of Representatives. That's why I'll vote for her on Sept 11 - Center Sandwich, NH 03227

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