Improving the Economy

It is important to make sure that we have policies that allow large and small businesses to compete in the domestic and global economy. We need to renew our public infrastructure, which will provide millions of jobs and make our businesses more competitive and efficient, and we can establish an infrastructure bank to help finance it. 

It's time to raise the minimum wage in increments to a livable wage, to give low-income workers more money to spend, which will then stimulate the local economy. The Democratic Congress raised the minimum wage in 2007, when they controlled the House, and it'stime to act again. We can raise the minimum wage in increments, to help business adjust, and as always, exempt farmers and small family businesses. This is a responsible approach that provides businesses with the time to plan and adjust. We have to do this--it is simply impossible to live on $7.25/hour.   

Also, higher education must be affordable so people are able to prepare themselves to work and earn in the new economy without drowning themselves and their families in debt. We need to strive for energy independence, and encourage the development of green energy, with all the new jobs the new technology will support. Finally, we have to fix our tax code. Our system punishes the middle class and small businesses, and gives unfair tax advantages to the wealthiest corporations and individuals.


Naomi Andrews