To the Editor: Naomi is driven by the values we believe in

To the Editor:

This year’s primary and general elections for the New Hampshire 1st District Congressional seat are of great importance to the citizens of New Hampshire. Our country is clearly at a crossroads in 2018. Will we continue down a road fueled with hate, distrust, and finger pointing, or will we return to our roots of tolerance and respect?

As we look over and consider the incredibly talented field of Democratic Party contenders, two questions are foremost in our minds; who best represents the highest values of America, and who can win in the general election. The first question is hardest to answer. Many if not all of the candidates represent solid American values of fairness and respect for all. The second question is therefore at the center of our concern.

We have made our choice and strongly support Naomi Andrews as our next US Congresswoman for the 1st District of New Hampshire. Naomi is driven by the values we believe in, fairness and respect for all and an understanding that the United States must lead the world not by force and hateful speech but with reason and the rule of law.

In addition, Naomi has the strength, toughness and campaign savvy to succeed in the general election in November. We urge all citizens of New Hampshire to join us in supporting Naomi in this critical 2018 midterm election year.

Dick and Judi DesRoches, Sanbornville

Letter Originally Published In: Fosters

Naomi Andrews