Andrews for clean energy

To the Editor: I’ve been talking to a lot of voters this month — rural and urban, wealthy and poor, women and men, younger and… wiser, in the mountains and on the coast. It seems to me that no political challenge elicits a more unified response from Granite Staters of diverse backgrounds than the existential threat to our air and water, our public lands, and the biodiversity that we share them with.

Environmental stewardship is a value and a priority that we need to demand in our elected officials as well. Naomi Andrews is uniquely qualified to advance an aggressive legislative agenda that pushes back against Trump administration abuses. She will advocate for the planet from her first day in office.

Andrews is a proven and confident champion of our natural world with the experiential knowledge of how the House of Representatives operates, the established relationships to work across offices and political aisles, and the connective network throughout our large district to amplify and address local concerns. She is the only candidate with a clear, coherent, and forward-looking clean energy transition plan to help restore U.S. climate change leadership on the world stage.

Andrews also understands that the political tension between clean, renewable energy production and prioritizing middle class jobs is an artificial one. With the right federal support, a 21st-century American economy that leads the way on sustainable energy for all will bring many jobs along with it, and healthier ones at that.


Letter originally published in: The Union Leader

Naomi Andrews