To the Editor: Andrews has the experience

To The Editor:

Many who run for Congress change themselves to get elected. Not Naomi Andrews. As her former high school teacher and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) advisor, I have seen how she has stayed true to her values.

As president of SADD, Naomi was determined we attend a conference in Washington to learn what others were doing, and bring that knowledge back to Epping High School. That our chapter had no funds did not deter Naomi. After several fundraisers, we found ourselves in DC at the conference. Upon returning, Naomi organized many events raising awareness of the dangers of underage drinking, drug use and other unhealthy behaviors. Naomi went to Washington to come back to New Hampshire to improve her community.

Improving lives in New Hampshire has been Naomi’s lifelong passion. It has always been her way, despite obstacles, to get the right thing done. As Carol Shea-Porter’s chief of staff, Naomi has expanded the work she started as a young woman. Without needing on the job training, Naomi can concentrate fully on serving the people of New Hampshire immediately.

For her experience, steadfast values and service, I will be voting for Naomi Andrews.

Kerry McDermott, Dover

Originally Published in: Fosters

Naomi Andrews