To the Editor: Naomi Andrews is the best qualified candidate

To the Editor:

It’s annoying that candidates with no NH ties keep on arriving, feeling entitled to run to represent us in Congress. In 2014, we had a former MA senator, in 2016 we had a NYC businessman, and this cycle they’ve multiplied: one who doesn’t even live in our district, and Maura Sullivan from Illinois. Why is this?

A candidate aspiring to represent us in Congress must have deep knowledge of our state and district. I heard someone ask Ms. Sullivan how she could represent us when she hasn’t lived here long enough to know us or state issues. Her answer was, “I listen.” And while she’s listening and learning--however long that might take--exactly who is looking out for our interests? You guessed it: No one.

I’m supporting the candidate best qualified to represent us--Naomi Andrews ( She’s from NH, and has worked many years as Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s Chief of Staff. Her knowledge of our district’s issues, and of national ones, is unparalleled. She knows us, she knows Congress, and she has Shea-Porter’s endorsement. Please join me in voting for Naomi in the Sept. 11 primary.

Miriam Sack, Exeter

Originally Published in: Seacoast Online

Naomi Andrews