To the Editor: Naomi is the only candidate with experience

To the Editor:

With so many candidates in the CD-1 race, it can be difficult to know who to support. I will cast my vote for Naomi Andrews for many reasons, but here are three that are especially important to me.

First, she has proven experience winning the tough congressional race in our district—notoriously the "swingiest" in the country—as former campaign manager for Carol Shea-Porter. Her track record proves she's the candidate who can get herself to Washington, and CD1 needs to send a Democrat!

Second, Naomi is the only candidate with experience in Washington, as Chief of Staff for Carol Shea-Porter. Naomi will bring new enthusiasm and ideas to Congress, and she has the existing relationships and know-how to give those ideas a fighting chance.

Third, she is beholden only to the people of New Hampshire. She has been a vocal advocate for campaign finance reform and will not accept corporate PAC or DC lobbyist money. We can trust her to represent our interests.

I hope you'll join me on September 11 in voting for Naomi Andrews. New Hampshire needs Naomi!

Jessica Kyle, Newfields

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