To the Editor: Strong recommendation for Naomi Andrews

To the Editor:

Normally, one seeks a recommendation from a former supervisor. A long-time resident of Exeter, I worked directly for Naomi on Carol Shea-Porter’s team from 2008-2010. As a former staffer, I am proud to be able to provide a strong recommendation for Naomi Andrews to represent New Hampshire’s first congressional district. I know firsthand that she has the courage and determination to fight for Granite Staters in Washington.

In October of 2017, upon learning that Carol Shea-Porter that she was retiring, I called Naomi immediately and told her she had to run. I experienced firsthand the unwavering commitment Naomi brings to New Hampshire’s first congressional district.

If people are involved in their community, everyone benefits. The reason I called and asked Naomi if she was going to run is because I know Naomi has a passion for community and service. Naomi has served the State of New Hampshire since (06?). Washington can be a brutal place to work, but good people who work in politics believe they can change the world, and wake up every day trying to do just that. I’d encourage you to visit and get to know her story. She loves New Hampshire’s first district, and knows it well. She knows how Washington works, and will be able to hit the ground running on day one. This is a job interview; Naomi Andrews is asking the people of New Hampshire to hire her, and I recommend her whole heartedly for the position.

Ellen Fleming Clark, formerly of Exeter and Seabrook

Originally Published in: Fosters

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