Mary Breasted Smyth: Like Shea-Porter, Andrews will do a good job in D.C.

To the editor:

I am so glad that Naomi Andrews has stepped into our 1st District Congressional race! As many committed Democrats should know, Naomi has been Carol Shea-Porter’s top assistant for nearly her entire career in Congress. And Carol has stood out as a courageous, leading progressive in the Democratic caucus. From the beginning of her congressional service, Carol led with a gentle manner but also with impassioned and deep conviction, opposing the war in Iraq, fighting for affordable health care, pushing for better benefits and services for our veterans, speaking out for campaign finance reform and consistently calling for a government and an economy that put people before profits, diplomacy and non-violence before hostile sabre rattling or nationalistic bluster.

Naomi was right there in the room, so to speak, helping to bring wise, humane and generous-hearted representation to and for the voters of our district. It could be said that she grew up watching Congress at work. She, like Carol, is taking no corporate or outside PAC money. Naomi is passionate about the environment, about providing affordable health care to everyone, about fixing our shameful student loan system and about giving our veterans the services and benefits they deserve.

Naomi believes we should have a coherent and caring government, not one that caters to corrupt donors, hate-mongering media demagogues or the most selfish of the super rich. She has spoken out fervently against the seizure of children from their immigrant parents, a practice that violates the most fundamental of human rights. She wants a system where every American can buy into Medicare and where, when it comes to vital human needs, we put people over profits. This does not mean that she wants the government to control the means of production, only that it provide fair and reasonable regulation of our economy, so that small businesses and ordinary workers can survive, indeed flourish, in a market where the big players are so gigantic. She wants college students, just getting their start in life, to be shielded from the most egregious excesses of predatory lending and all Americans to be protected from the heedless plunder of their precious environment.

Naomi herself is a runner and a hiker with a deep love of our New Hampshire treasures, the mountains, lakes and forests of our beautiful state.

There are many good candidates running in the Democratic primary for our 1st District congressional seat, but for me, Naomi Andrews stands out head and shoulders above the rest. She has worked her way through college and law school. She came into this race late because she needed to keep working for a salary as long as possible to keep paying her own student loans. She is known by voters all over the state. She is already schooled in the methods and personalities of Washington. She is patient but determined, always cheerful and open but with a strong backbone and a clear vision of the peaceful, prosperous and compassionate America she wants to restore to its rightful place in the world as the land of hope and opportunity.

I hope Naomi is the Democrats’ choice on Sept. 11 and all the 1st District’s choice on Nov. 6.

Mary Breasted Smyth - Tamworth

Originally Published in: The Conway Daily Sun

Naomi Andrews