Andrews is the best candidate to win in November

To the Editor:

I’m writing to ask people to vote for Naomi Andrews in the upcoming Democratic primary election. Sending another Democrat to Congress is of the utmost importance and she is the best candidate to win the general election.

Currently, there are 11 candidates in this Democratic primary. Many hold similar opinions as Naomi on important issues: emphasis on health care and education, environmental protection, care for our Veterans and those affected by the opioid crisis. Some candidates do not understand the need for true campaign finance reform, including Chris Pappas who has not consistently disavowed contributions from corporate PACs. In his most recent filing, on Aug. 30, he accepted insurance PAC money (Property Casualty Insurers Association). Naomi has made her position on this clear.

Most importantly, Naomi is clearly the most likely to win the general election in November.

Unlike some other candidates, Naomi grew up in New Hampshire, knows the state and will inspire a strong vote in November. Candidates like Maura Sullivan, who just moved to New England within the past 14 months, will not resonate with voters.

Naomi has proven she can win elections. She has worked under Carol Shea-Porter for the past 11 1/2 years during very difficult races as both her campaign manager and chief of staff. She knows how important this particular seat is and she knows the dirty tricks the Republicans will play in the coming months. She knows how to win.

Naomi is our best candidate; please vote for her.

Dan Kyle - Newfields

Originally Published in: Seacoast Online

Naomi Andrews