Letter: Andrews will lead in First District

To the editor:

Naomi Andrews is the best person to represent New Hampshire's First District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As her former teacher and high school soccer coach, I’ve been fortunate to know Naomi and her family for more than 20 years. Then, as now, she was called to public service and as a young woman embodied the spirit that John F. Kennedy evoked when he reminded Americans “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Naomi understands the challenges of the working and middle class. She grew up in Epping and graduated from public high school. Her family instilled in her the belief that if you work hard, you’ll be rewarded, and that you share a responsibility to help one another succeed.

Right now, many families are slipping further behind as the traditional pathways to the middle class seem to be harder to travel. Naomi knows that education is one of the keys to the American dream. She is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to a good education and job training. She’ll work to lower interest rates for student loans, provide more money for grants, and protect loan forgiveness programs.

Because of her experience as Rep. Carol Shea-Porter’s chief of staff, Naomi is ready to fight for New Hampshire’s families and work with her colleagues on Capitol Hill to tackle the important issues.

For these reasons and many more, I hope voters will cast their ballots for Naomi on Sept. 11.

Jon M. Altbergs

Epping, N.H.

Original Letter Published in: Seacoast Online, Conway Daily Sun, Eagle Tribune, Carriage Towne News, Union Leader, Fosters

Naomi Andrews