Heidi Bellamente: Naomi Andrews is leading the pack for 1st District

To the editor:

I’ve come to know Naomi Andrews through running. She shows up in rain, shine, heat or cold. As a runner, she’s motivated, intentional, driven yet somehow still down-to-earth, relatable and optimistic. It strikes me now that she is, and will be the representative for New Hampshire’s 1st District, the very same in her role representing the people of New Hampshire.

I heard Naomi speak in Newfields recently. Driving there, I was hoping I would hear my values and hopes — for New Hampshire, for my family and especially for my children — reflected in her speech. And I did. She wants to make college education more affordable, help teachers and public servants earn what they deserve and has courage that I aspire to when it comes to speaking out against the atrocities occurring at our borders with the separation of children and families. 

Her experience and intellect will allow her to hit the ground running (probably literally) in D.C., pushing for comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform, better pay for our teachers and more affordable higher education.

Times are tough out there, and we need someone who is optimistic, experienced and willing to tackle the problems we face. And that is Naomi! I’ll be running to the polls on Sept. 11 to vote in the primary for Naomi — join me!

Heidi Bellamente - Exeter

Letter Originally Published in: Conway Daily Sun

Naomi Andrews