Letter: I Want Naomi Andrews And Here Is Why

To the editor:

I want Naomi Andrews as my Representative in Congress because she will continue the outstanding representation she and Carol Shea-Porter have been providing for the people of New Hampshire for years now. Working together for eleven years, Naomi and Carol have been cited by the other Representatives for co-sponsoring hundreds bipartisan bills and resolutions just this Congressional session – more than anyone else. They know how to work across the aisle to get things done without compromising their values or principles. Additionally, they are recognized by other members of Congress for their outstanding constituent services, so much so that other members refer constituents seeking services to Carol and Naomi’s office. This is exactly the sort of representation I want for us in Washington.

Naomi Andrews has the years of experience working in Washington with the other members of the House and their staffs that no other candidate has. Naomi knows them and they know Naomi. And Naomi will inherit the staff she has worked with as Carol Shea-Porter’s chief-of-staff, so that she will truly hit the ground running. No other candidate can honestly say this.

Naomi Andrews has the experience, the commitment, and the courage we need to represent us in Congress, so please join me in voting for Naomi in the Primary on September 11th and again in November to ensure the continuation of this legacy of outstanding representation we have been privileged to have during Carol Shea-Porter’s terms in Congress.

You can learn more by visiting Naomi’s website www.naomiandrews.com. Thank you.

Paul Cully - Dover, NH

Letter Originally Published in: NH Labor News, Union Leader, Fosters

Naomi Andrews