To the Editor: Naomi Andrews knows the ropes

To the Editor:

When the time approached to select the right candidate for the First District Congressional seat, there were several excellent candidates. However, only a very few seemed to be well rounded. Single issue candidates will not do well if elected. I wanted someone who had the fire to achieve as well as a balanced and background and a good sense of perspective.

Finally, what about experience? Just being in a role is not adequate experience. When it came to Naomi, I made an interesting discovery and here’s the story...

I am an amputee and used to visit with some other amputees at a clinic in Somersworth. We all shared the stories of how we came to this condition. Ron is a Vietnam vet who suffered from agent orange, but he could not seem to get the deserved disability compensation he needed. He had contacted then Senator Judd Gregg, and then District 1 Representative Jeb Bradley with no result. I dropped a note about Ron to the Carol Shea Porter office.

At our next amputee meeting Ron was smiling from ear to ear. He had already received all his allotted back pay, and was set to continue receiving his benefits.

Naomi Andrews was Carols ‘constituent services’ person. She knows the ropes and she acts and she cares. Now THAT is what I call experience and fire.

Hiram Connell, Somersworth

Letter Originally Published in: Fosters

Naomi Andrews