Naomi Andrews prepared to step right in & do the job

To The Daily Sun,

Anyone reviewing applicants for a job looks for relevant work experience: Can they step into the job and immediately get something done?

Of the 18 candidates — 11 Democrats, six Republicans, and one Libertarian —seeking to represent N.H. District 1 in Congress, Naomi Andrews is the only one with directly relevant work experience. A New Hampshire native, Andrews has served as retiring Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s chief of staff for over a decade. Consequently, Andrews understands how Congress operates, knows and has worked with other congressional representatives — Democrats and Republicans — and their staff members, and has been deeply involved in delivering services to the district’s constituents.

Andrews worked every day on issues and the challenges that impact our state: protecting health care, supporting small businesses, honoring promises to U. S. troops and veterans, addressing the opioid crisis, and protecting our environment. As required by law, she resigned her position in May to run for office and continue her service to the state and nation.

To learn more about Naomi Andrews, visit her website at Then join me in voting for her in the Democratic Primary on September 11 and in the general election on November 6.

Margaret Merritt - Center Sandwich

Letter Originally Published in: Laconia Daily Sun 

Naomi Andrews