Naomi Andrews will hit ground running in Congress

Aug. 2 -- To the Editor:

It’s been said before, and it cannot be said enough: we need a Congressperson who can hit the ground running in 2018. We need Naomi Andrews.

Naomi has been advocating for us for over a decade as Carol Shea-Porter’s Chief of Staff. She’s fought for veterans’ health care, Medicaid expansion, affordable higher education, protecting our Social Security, as well as protecting New Hampshire’s invaluable natural resources. Her advocacy for Medicaid expansion gave thousands in our state access to treatment in our opioid crisis. We need that compassion and fight to continue.

A decade of crisscrossing our district gives Naomi a depth of understanding of the issues that can’t be matched, and her years in DC give her a true knowledge of the process that is invaluable.

Perhaps her greatest asset is herself: a native of the state, Naomi’s compassion, energy, innovative mind, and intellect make her the candidate to address not only what faces us as a state, but, just as important, as a nation. The present challenges to the rule of law, separation of powers and the freedom of the press requires a Congressperson who needs no time lost on training. This is why Naomi is the best qualified candidate. This is why she is the candidate for our time.

I have been blessed to know Naomi for over a decade and feel privileged to support her candidacy.

Please vote for Naomi Andrews for Congress on Sept. 11th. New Hampshire, as well as the nation, needs Naomi Andrews.

Jan Dunn - Stratham

Letter Originally Published in: Seacoast Online

Naomi Andrews