Naomi Andrews will tirelessly work for us in Congress

July 10 -- To the Editor:

We Granite Staters must be doing a lot of things right. Our state keeps ranking tops in all kinds of national polls. But every two years, out-of-state Big Money pours in, trying to convince us that it knows better than we do. Thankfully, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has prevailed and been a superb Representative for the 1st District. We need that same kind of honest advocacy for NH in the next Congress. Someone who knows our issues, who is one of us, who we can trust, and who is already battle-tested for the job. Someone whose strong, clear voice can’t be drowned out by out-of-state Big Money. And someone we will be proud to have as our Representative in Congress, and who will work tirelessly to serve us in the district. That’s why I’m supporting Naomi Andrews for Congress. Check out her Web site ( or attend an event like I did, you’ll be glad you did. And be sure to vote in the primary this September!

Roger Dunn


Original Letter Published in: Seacoast Online, Union Leader

Naomi Andrews