New Hampshire needs Naomi Andrews

Aug. 3 -- To the Editor:

As a citizen of New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district, I am casting my vote for Naomi Andrews on Sept. 11. Naomi grew up in the district and understands what it takes to represent a politically and economically diverse district.

Naomi has a decade of experience working with Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and will be able to hit the ground running to fight for issues important to the well-being of our country and its citizens. Naomi supports common-sense gun laws, the Veteran’s Health Equity Act, affordable health care, and policies promoting renewable energy. Naomi will only answer to the interests of her constituency and the American people - she does not accept money from PACs or lobbyists.

Like Naomi, I am a first-generation college student from a working-class family. I’m an alumnae of the University of New Hampshire and currently hold a faculty position there. NH students graduate with the highest debt in the entire country! It is disheartening to see my students enter the workforce unsure if their job will allow them to pay their loans while making a livable wage. Naomi understands the burden of student debt and the difficulty of affording higher education. Naomi supports proposals that reduce interest rates on school loans, increase support for grants, and protect loan forgiveness programs. Naomi wants to see higher education in the US become debt-free.

New Hampshire needs Naomi!

My comments are my own and do not represent my department, College, or the University of New Hampshire.

Maureen Gillespie, PhD - Dover

Letter Originally Published in: Seacoast Online

Naomi Andrews