Qualities that distinguish Naomi Andrews

To the Editor:

Congressional District 1 (CD-1) covers municipalities from Chatham in the north to Plaistow in the south. It consists of 671,000 inhabitants - approximately one-half the state’s population. Among voters, 25 percent are Democrats, 34 percent are Republicans, and 41 percent do not declare party affiliation.

In Election 2016, Republican Donald Trump won the district, as did Democrat for Congress, Carol Shea-Porter, demonstrating that honesty, integrity, and trust in the Democratic candidate was valued by voters in a heavily Republican district. As Shea-Porter’s campaign manager and Washington chief of staff spanning ten years, Naomi Andrews, candidate for congress, is uniquely qualified, on her own merits, to earn the trust of voters to represent us in Washington.

In the current political environment, it is imperative that the person who represents the inhabitants of CD-1 have the experience, courage and commitment to change current federal law that mandates deep cuts to Medicare to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy; oppose privatization of Social Security; protect human habitat; practice campaign finance reform; reduce student debt; and continue serving the nation’s veterans.

These are the qualities that distinguish Naomi Andrews from all others. I have known and worked closely with her for a decade, and am proud to support Naomi as candidate for congress from CD-1.

Bob Perry, Strafford

Letter Originally Published in: Fosters, The Telegraph

Naomi Andrews