Statement: Naomi Andrews Statement on Administration’s Policy to Separate Children at the Border

Epping, NH– Today, Naomi Andrews, Candidate for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District released the following statement regarding the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy.    

“I am sickened by the sight and sounds of these innocent children being locked into cages and separated from their families. Punishing innocent children should never be U.S. policy.

White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly; Attorney General, Jeff Sessions; White House aide, Stephen Miller, have all made it 100% clear that this is an administration policy.  It is not policy made by Congress as the President is trying to claim.

However, it is time for Congress to act—to fulfill their constitutional duty of oversight. The Democrats in Congress stand ready to pass legislation to end this abhorrent policy. However, it is the Republican Majority and Speaker Ryan who must bring legislation to the floor for a vote.

The President could also end this horrifying policy himself. All Americans should raise their voices and demand that either the Republican Majority take a vote or that the President stops this un-American policy. The time to act is now.”


Naomi Andrews