Press Release: Andrews Statement on Trump Harming Shipyard and Pease Workers

Epping, NH –Naomi Andrews, Candidate for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, released the following statement after President Trump announced that he would harm federal employees, including Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and Pease Air National Guard base employees, by blocking pay raises that were scheduled to go into effect next year:

"I am appalled that the hardworking men and women at the Shipyard and Pease are being asked to pay for Trump's trillion-dollar giveaway to the wealthiest people and largest corporations in our country. The Shipyard workers ensure the safety of our submariners. Their work protects our country, and they deserve far better from this administration, which has set out to harm federal workers and strip them of their rights since day one. The Shipyard is vital for our national security and our Seacoast economy, and this decision will make it harder to attract new Shipyard employees and retain those we have now. If I am given the privilege of serving the good people of the First District in Congress, I will work tirelessly to support the Shipyard, Pease, and the patriots who work there."


Text of President Trump’s letter:

Naomi Andrews