Press Release: Naomi Andrews Statement on President Trump’s Press Conference

Epping, NH— Today, Naomi Andrews, Candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, released the following statement after President Trump’s press conference in Helsinki, Finland.

 “This morning, President Trump had an opportunity to either defend the United States or defend Russia. For some inexplicable reason, he chose Russia. He attacked Democrats, our intelligence agencies, and our decades-long foreign policy, and had nothing but good words for a dictator who invaded Ukraine, poisoned British residents, killed journalists, and supported Assad. When Fox News Commentator Neil Cavuto expresses outrage over President Trump’s shocking behavior in Helsinki, calling it ‘disgusting,’ you know it’s time to stop the president.

This is why we need Congress to perform its Constitutional duty of oversight. Republicans hold control of both the House and Senate so they need to take the lead. A few Republican members have put out statements condemning the President’s words and behavior today. But we need more than words, we need action.”

Naomi Andrews